Sanjay Gandhi National Park


Sanjay Gandhi National park is a protected area spread across 37 sq mi. The area located between the two suburbs of Mumbai and Thane in the state of Maharashtra. It was established back in the year 1996 and considered among one of the most visited national parks in the world. Every year around 2 million visitors are attracted to the flora fauna of the Sanjay Gandhi National park. Tourists also enjoy visiting the 2400-year-old Kanheri Cave which is sculpted out of a Rocky cliff and is located within the park. You can add this very place in your Mumbai darshan list.

The Sanjay Gandhi national park has a long history dating back in the 4th century. Where there were two famous ports Sopara and Kalyan that traded with ancient civilization Greece and Mesopotamia. You can also opt for Mumbai darshan by car if you want to take the Mumbai darshan in your way.


The Sanjay Gandhi national park is mainly famous for its wildlife. It consists of over 1000 types of plant species, over 250 types of migratory, land and Water species, 5000 species of insects and over 40 species of Mammals. The park is home to 38 species of reptiles, 150 species of Butterflies and Very Large Fish. You can also go for the OLA Mumbai darshan package for your entire wandering all over the Mumbai. Mumbai darshan bus from Panvel is also available for the person coming from the harbor line.

The Park was previously known as Borivali National Park acquired almost 20% of the geographical area of the city. The park is also known as the world’s largest park located within the geography of a highly populated city. The park also contains two artificial lakes for species of crocodiles, and migratory birds all year. You can get the Mumbai darshan bus from Kalyan or Mumbai darshan bus from Thane.


The kanheri Caves situated at the center of the park were an important Buddhist learning center and a pilgrimage for the Buddhist monks in the era of the first to the ninth century. 

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The main attraction in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park-

Toy trains. The toy train is called Van Rani. The train runs on a narrow gauge that travels between the valleys of tall trees, through the tunnels, on the creeks and between the deer forest, where you can see many deer roaming freely everywhere.


The Lakes. The vihar lake and The Tulsi Lake are the two artificial lakes inside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. There are boating services at the starting point of the Van Rani toy train. There is a bridge on the lake where you can stand and watch the boats.

Sanjay Gandhi National park also comprises of Lion Safari. The Lion and Tiger safaris are a major attraction for the tourists. The safari is approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes in a guarded area while it gives you a closer look at the Lion and Tigers in the park.


As an initiative to reduce air pollution authorities have started a cycle rent service, so you can take the cycle and roam across the park, enjoying the atmosphere, nature, Wildlife, chirping of birds, roaming along the lake. You can get the information on OLA Mumbai darshan package.

The park is said to be the lungs of the city as it purifies most of the pollution caused in the city. The park’s temperature remains a bit lower than the rest of the city due to the trees covering the park. In the winter Dense fog inside the park can be seen the temp. Of 15 degrees Celsius is common due to its green cover. The park also experiences the rainfall to a greater extent than the rest of the city due to its green cover, Creek and an elevation of the land.



Where is Sanjay Gandhi national park?


The main entrance to the park is located on Borivali the Western Express Highway & the heart of the city Mumbai. the best way to travel is by the highway. Because it is connected to the highway and 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Mumbai city center. You can come from thane or Navi Mumbai very fast from the highway. It is between Borivali and thane. Of you can come from Navi Mumbai.

if you are traveling from Mumbai local train and you can take a private taxi or rickshaw or AC Buses from Borivali station east and it will drop you Borivali national park in 15 minutes. it is just 5Km distance.


If you are coming from an outstation, there is a private travel station is nearby on Borivali highway only. So you can visit easily to the national park. There are so many hotel and guest houses are available on the highway. Also, you can plan for gorai beach visit in Borivali west. Or directly you can visit Andheri Juhu Beach. From National Park to Juhu Beach via highway is 10-15 km distance and you can reach in half an hour.

So many people called it is Borivali national park. Because it is located in Borivali. It is one of the most famous and visited the place of Mumbai. you should add this national park in your Mumbai darshan. Also, you can plan even 1-day for visiting this park with safari.


People visit this park for relaxing and enjoying wildlife. There is no place in Mumbai for wildlife expect national parks. So many national and international photographers also visit for their photography and even documentary film. In Bollywood also there are so many shots shooted in the national parks for movie clips to show jungle scenes.

The lion safari will give you adventure and fun in the financial city of India, Mumbai.


You can take MTDC Buses (Maharashtra tourism development corporation) for Mumbai darshan and visit a national park. In their Mumbai Darshan package national park visits generally already their. From so many places it is also in under the top 10 places of Mumbai and most famous and amazing places. These buses start from CST of Dadar in Mumbai. If you are nearby this location. You can book one-day visit buses and visit other super location of Mumbai also.


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