Marine Drive Mumbai


When talking of Mumbai darshan, the very first thing we talk about is the Sea View. What a sea view will be without Marine Drive. Let’s just say when in your whole Mumbai darshan Marine drive will give you that one precious feeling of being in Mumbai.

Marine Drive Mumbai is a 3.6 Km long Stretch alongside The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road located in the southern Mumbai. The Marine Drive starts from Nariman Point and goes on to Babul Nath.


Marine Drive as another well-known name which is Queen’s necklace. It is said so because Marine Drive is located at the Reclaimed Land in the South Mumbai, and when you see the view of Marine drive from an Elevated Top at night, the street lights will resemble as a string of pearls carved in a necklace.

Marine Drive is very famous for its ambience at the night time. You can see a huge amount of crowd enjoying the city lights at the Marine Drive accompanying with tall glittering buildings.


You will see teenager, families, couples, children are all enjoying the waves crashing the stones situated at the shore of the marine drive. Tea vendors, kulfi vendors roaming around the marine drive.

If you are stressed and want some time to relieve the stress, marine drive is the best option to open up your mind to nature to get relaxed. The moment when you feel, the light cold breeze touching your face, and a little splash of water running through your face, trust me, it does feel very refreshing.


If you are thinking about the safety at Marine Drive, well, from the evening till the dawn, the Local police do patrol at the marine drive so that some inadequate people should not ruin the memorable time you are having. And also keeps you and your beloved family safe. And your Mumbai darshan too.

Marine Drive adds a great flavour at the time of Monsoon. Mumbai Monsoon is very famous and what else you want than spending time with your loved ones at the marine drive in rain.


The Marine Drive makes the Monsoon Season very rich and special and Sensational. Then you can see the rainwater kissing the surface of the sea, while the waves crashing on the stones at the shore splashing you with your umbrella still in your hand. This very feeling will make you fall in love with this place.

The high tides during the rainy season at marine drive come splashing through you at the road alongside.


Marine drive has been a very famous destination for College Students from nearby to hangout. Many famous personalities in Mumbai get inspirational Ideas for Music, Story, Songs, Ideas in this very vicinity.

As the MTDC Mumbai darshan busses are an initiative of Maharashtra Tourism corporation, they are safe and efficient.


Many of the people consider Marine Drive as their event location. Many films have shot their movie scenes here. And many of the song albums also have been shot here.

Talking about the natural benefits of this place, you will find the number of people taking a morning walk here early in the morning. You will see juice vendors selling healthy juices, Coconut waters.


The sunsets and sunrise at the Marine drive will make you feel alive and refreshing. Sometimes people come here just to see the spectacular view of Sunsets and Sunrise.

You can get the information of travelling for Mumbai darshan from Kalyan, Mumbai darshan from thane, Mumbai darshan Bus ticket price, Mumbai darshan Bus timing, and Mumbai darshan Price at the MTDC only.


Now about the transportation, you can get the mtdc Mumbai darshan bus timing, they have sources to pick you from, Dadar Station or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj terminus station.

The MTDC Mumbai darshan bus timings can be found at the mtdc itself. The usual travelling time of MTDC Mumbai darshan busses is from 10:00 am in the morning to 6.00 pm in the evening.


Night view of Marine drive is an incredible view and looks like a foreign country. Also, there is so many cafe near marine drive with sea view. So you can enjoy your food with an amazing sea view.

Nearest railway station


You can come marine drive via train and the easiest transportation. There is the marine drive itself is a railway station in western line. You can take the train from the western line directly. Or if you are coming from the central line or harbour line. Then you can change train from Dadar station. The train is the easiest and fastest way to reach the marine drive. Just remember to come via train not pick hour. In Pick hours outside of Mumbai people it is very difficult to travel and with family or you loved once it is very complex to reach via train.

You can drive towards Nariman point from the marine drive & the most expensive and 5-star hotel trident and Oberoi hotels are there. It is the part of end Mumbai in Arabian sea and from there are so many boats connect from gateway of India to Elephanta caves or local transportation. so many local people use the boat of ferry services from gateway of India to their local village. Government of Maharastra proposed road similar to sea from Virar to Churchgate.


Marine Drive is one of most visited place in Mumbai and it is in the top 10 list. Residency near marine drive is most expensive. You have to spend crores of rupees to buy a home near this area of Chowpatty. There are Malabar hill and walkeshwar and Nepean sea road are liked the drive. Even you planning to buy gold or any other jewellery. There is Mumbai famous jewellery market Zaveri Bazar & Kalba Devi road is located nearby. from Zaveri bazar, you get retail or wholesale jewellery. Or even you planning to buy imitation jewellery or any other item then also there is a market called “bhuleshwar market” you will get all need here. Even electronics famous market of lamington road Mumbai is also nearby from the marine drive. Don’t avoid marine drive when you plan for Mumbai visit


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