Juhu beach


Juhu beach is considered as the longest and the most popular beach in Mumbai. It is well known for its street food, which is considered as the best and has that flavor of Mumbai that you come to seek. Juhu beach is surrounded by the Arabian Sea to the west, in the north of it has Versova, East comprises of vile parle, and have Khar to the south.

It is stretched up to 6 km till Versova at its end. Many of the famous Bollywood celebrities and TV Actors have their homes beside the beach. And it not very unusual to spot a celebrity taking jogging at the beach. This gives you a strong reason to put this amazingly interesting place into your Mumbai darshan list.


J.R.D Tata the father of civil aviation in India has made his first voyage to Juhu airport from drigh road Karachi via Ahmadabad in 1932. And so, the Juhu aerodrome served itself as the primary airport in Mumbai up till World War II.

During the time of freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhi visited Mumbai and took many walks on Juhu beach, so therefore you can find a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Juhu Beach and the lane towards the beach is named as Gandhigram road. You can check for the Mumbai Darshan Bus Ticket Price from the bus depot of your area. The Mumbai darshan price is different for different means of transport.


You may find many of the shoots of TV Shows and Bollywood movies take place at the Juhu beach. And due to many of the famous Bollywood celebrities have a home near the beach so it is called as the Beverly Hills Of Mumbai.

By just taking nice footwear less walk on the beach while the waves come thrashing your foot you will find a sense of serenity and calmness, looking the dusking sun top of the ocean. Though the Beach was initially criticized as dirty, but due to many social activities to clean up the beach, and the responsibilities have taken up by the BMC, successfully cleaned the criticism over it.


The beach usually gets a bit crowded over the weekends and the public holidays, you can enjoy the street food like bhelpuri, panipuri, sevpuri stalls at the beach. You can also find a food court at the entrance of the beach serving the local street food in Mumbai style. There will be many local photographers and toy sellers at the beach for the tourist attraction. You can always reach the beach through many means of transport like cab or rickshaw or buses. Mtdc buses are available which will give you the whole Mumbai darshan package, Juhu beach includes. You can also travel by Mumbai darshan bus from Panvel.

Juhu beach is also a very famous spot at the time of the Ganesh Festival, where Lakhs of devotees with magnificent possession comes and gather with the statue of different shapes from small to biggest statues to submerged into the ocean at the beach.


Juhu beach is also a spot famous for plane spotting because a portion of the beach lies under departure runway and the arrival runway of the Mumbai Airport. You can confirm mtdc Mumbai darshan bus timing from mtdc itself.

The best time to visit the beach happens to be in the early morning time if you want to avoid the rush and crowd by the visitors and just want to enjoy the calmness of nature and want to feel the cold breeze touching your face along with the dim light of dawn. Almost all the food stalls at the beach are closed at this time of the day, and you can see just the nearby residents jogging or running at the beach, some barefoot. Just the small tea vendors selling morning tea, or coconut water vendors will be seen at this time. And most importantly beach can be seen at its cleanest state at this hour of the day.


If you are traveling from Kalyan in mainline you can book a cab service to take you to the beach or you may take the local train get down at Dadar. Catch a slow train towards Vile Parle station and can take a metered taxi or rickshaw till the Juhu beach. You can travel by the same medium if you are planning Mumbai darshan from Kalyan.

At night time, you may not be allowed to walk on the beach due to high tides, but you may find many hotels, clubs, and pubs across the vicinity of the beach. You may find many lounge and rooftop restaurants located in that area screening sports and music. Many of the lounge or the rooftop restaurants have a dance floor within them to let you enjoy at the extreme.


Preferably I suggest Mumbai darshan by car won’t be a great option as the traffic would make you go crazy during traveling. And it’s better to take the Mumbai’s strongest transport Local train. You can get the local train and reach fast.

Nearest railway station to juhu beach


To reach juhu beach there are so many transportations are available. 

Vile parle to juhu beach is just 4.8 Km distance and you can reach by Mumbai local transport. If you travelling by Mumbai local train. Then also it is a good option to Vile parle station and from the station, you can get sharing or private rickshaw from there.


Nearest metro station to Juhu beach

DN Nagar and Aazad Nagar are the nearest metro station to Juhu beach. You can walk from Juhu beach and reach DN Nagar in 20 minutes of you can reach by rickshaw and from there you can take the metro.


There is an Iskcon temple near Juhu beach. So after the darshan of God, there is prasadi-food always available. Within a small amount, you can have enjoyed your food and enjoyed the grate felling of Juhu Beach.

Juhu beach at night is again an incredible scene. You can take photos, enjoy their restaurant world-class food and relaxing in the middle of the city.


It is an amazing view while in Ganesh Chaturthi there is Ganesh visarjan.


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