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Mumbai consists of various different cultures, Caste, Religions, festivals. And each and every caste and religion are treated equally important here. Speaking of which, comes in Mind the Great Haji Ali Dargah. Haji Ali dargah is also considered as the landmark of Mumbai. Here, people of all faiths come here to worship Allah immaterial of the religion.

Especially on Thursdays and Fridays, the dargah is visited by people from all the religions, castes and forms come here to seeking the blessings of the Saint. On Fridays, people visit the dargah which is considered as the Jhumma, a most important day of the Muslims, where many Sufi Musicians come here seeking blessings and to perform the special form of music “Qawali”.


Haji Ali Dargah is a mosque of Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari located off the coast of Worli in the south Mumbai a few meters away from the shore into the Arabian sea. The name of the Haji Ali Dargah was named after Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari who was the greatest and famous Muslim saint of his time. Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari was a famous Sufi Saint and a wealthy merchant from Uzbekistan. The Dargah houses the tomb of the Saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari in the bottom of the Dargah. The tomb is covered with Red and Green Chaddar and is supported by Marble Pillars which has beautifully carved mirror work, artistically spelled the 99 different names of Allah in Arabic pattern. In Muslims, the tomb of the dead people is covered by flowered chaddar. The Marble pillars are made of glass and the artwork is being colored in the mirror.

It is said that Haji Ali Dargah never sinks despite being in the middle of the ocean as there is a story behind it. As once in a lifetime in Muslims, you have to visit the pilgrimage site in UAE. Once the Haji Ali Bukhari was on his way to make his visit to pilgrimage to Mecca when he died between the journey and his casket floated across the sea and ended up here off the shore of Worli and the shore of Mumbai.


It is said that the Saint Haji Ali Shah Bukhari once met a woman sobbing, he asked her what is the problem, she said that her husband would beat her up as she spilled the oil on the ground. Then the saint took her to the spot where the oil was spilled and he dipped his finger into the soil and the oil continuously started came out, the women were overwhelmed and too the oil and went to her house happily. In Muslims, there is separate praying rooms for Ladies, Gents. So, the Haji Ali Dargah as well consists of separate praying rooms to the ladies and the gents to pay respect to their traditions. During monsoon, the Haji Ali dargah gets isolated completely, as the road connecting the shore and the dargah disappears completely making the dargah an island.

In the monsoon time, the Dargah is only accessible in the low tide for the public as the road connecting the dargah to the shore of the Mumbai becomes completely disappeared due to high tides. And because the dargah is a bit near to the sea, it is risky to be at the dargah during the heavy rains.


It has Indo-Islamic architecture built in the year 1431. It is now nearly 588 years old. The Dargah is built n a small island which is approximately 500 meters away from the sea coast with the scenic Arabian Sea at its background. You can visit Haji Ali dargah by mtdc Mumbai darshan bus and can confirm mtdc Mumbai Mumbai darshan bus timings directly from the mtdc.

The structure is spread over an area of 4500 sq. mtrs, and it is around 85 feet tall. There is a road built between the dargah and the coast, which you have to take to reach the dargah. And due to the Dargah is made upon an island, the road connecting the dargah sometime totally submerge into the water during the rainy season, which makes it impossible to walk on and reach the dargah.


Haji Ali Dargah underwent renovation in the year 1960, and a new sanatorium was built on the place of the old one. It consists of two floors, has the Grave of Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. A Qawwal Khana. The maqbara of the Saint Haji Ali is located in the central shrine and is covered with green and red colored cloak called chaddar. You can take the bus for Mumbai darshan from Kalyan. For Mumbai darshan from thane, you can take the bus or you can book a cab. You can also take various means of transport to travel, you can take the Mumbai darshan bus from Panvel.

The Grave at the center of the shrine is surrounded by marvelously handcrafted ninety-nine names of Allah on innumerable colored glasses.


While talking of Haji Ali comes Qawali., Qawwali is the unique way of expressing your devotion towards the almighty Allah. Haji Ali Dargah has a devoted hall for Qawalli and happens to be very famous in India. When the devotees sit on the floor with the instruments and the singer’s dedicated for singing The Qawwali’s, the entire ambiance feels powerful, and you can cherish the positivity throughout the prayer. If you happen to visit the Haji Ali dargah, do not miss the mesmerizing melody of qawwali, as it can be an experience of a lifetime.there is an option of local trains from thane for Mumbai darshan. You must include Haji Ali Dargah in your Mumbai darshan list.

Now coming to you stay near Haji Ali, as Mumbai is as well famous for the visitors throughout the globe, you can find the number of hotels near Haji Ali. From 3 star to 7-star hotels. Many of the famous Muslim restaurants you may find with world-class food.


Just in case if you are unaware of the attire, dress up nicely with your head covered as it is a religious and holy place, and should be respected.

For inquiry regarding Mumbai darshan bus timing and Mumbai darshan bus ticket price, you can go to the website of mtdc.


Nearest Railway Station

Or If you are visiting from Mumbai Local train, then you can come from Mahalakshmi Railway station. If you are coming from the central line you can change the train from Dadar to Mahalakshmi station or if you are from harbor line, same you can change at Dadar and come to Mahalakshmi railway station and from there will get sharing or private taxi to reach dargah.


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