Girgaum Chowpatty


The Girgaum Chowpatty is a public beach adjacent to Marine drive along with the queen’s necklace at the Girgaum Area of South Mumbai. The closest local railway station to the Girgaum Chowpatty is the Charni road railway station. The Girgaum Chowpatty is famous for the grand Ganesh visarjan celebration which takes place every year, where thousands of people from Mumbai and Pune with a huge devotion to Lord Ganesh comes for Visarjan of the Ganesha’s Idol varying in different sizes into the Arabian Sea. You can visit the Chowpatty via MTDC buses initiated by the tourism corporation of Mumbai. MTDC Mumbai darshan bus timings can be confirmed with the mtdc itself.

It is also one of the famous places in Mumbai where Ram Leela is played on stage during Navratri for 10 days. And on the 10th day the Ravana Statue is burned.


The road appearing alongside the Girgaum Chowpaty is the road where one of the terrorists of the biggest Attack in Mumbai the 26/11 attack is held Captive by one of the brave policemen Tukaram Ombre. The terrorist was Kasab.

The girgaum Chowpatty gets its name on the basis of a village located in the Mahim district. The village was impenetrated by 7 creeks out of which the Chowpatty is approached by 4 creeks.


At night the beach appears to look like a colorful fair where you can find many of the small children running around on the sand of the beach barefoot. Some taking rides and enjoying their time on a Ferris wheel over the beach. Some are making sand castles. You can find many of the adults sitting on the beach for sensing peace and calmness over their normal waggy life. If you are coming from the mainline of Mumbai, you can opt for Mumbai darshan bus from Kalyan. Or you can always arrange your trip for Mumbai darshan from thane, you can either take a bus or can book a cab service that is OLA Mumbai darshan package or you may take your personal vehicle and can have the Mumbai darshan by car.

Some people can be seen enjoying the local street food which is world famous at the Chowpatty. You will get the Mumbai flavour in each of the street food stalls available at the beach. Bhel Puri, Pani Puri, Shev Puri is available at the chaat dishes. Then you can nowadays find many south indian vendors also available if you are Dosa or and Idli lover.


Talking of the surrounding of the Chowpatty, you can find many skyscrapers amid that area. Many big hospitals, five-star hotels, seven-star hotels, Cafe’s, Clubs and Pubs. Many Corporate Offices also can be seen. It is suggested that girgaum chowpaty is the place that you must include in your Mumbai darshan list. You can also check Mumbai darshan bus from panvel.

A few miles away at the charni road you can find the most famous electronic market located at the famous Lamington road.


Most of the time be it early in the morning or in the evening, you can find many of the people jogging, running, or doing yoga asana. The local vendors situated at the beach will also provide you with chatai for doing Yogasana or just sitting at the shore of the beach. Or just sitting on the beach with your headphones on, looking at the waves at the breezing dawn can also be your greatest experience at the beach. Mumbai darshan bus ticket priceMumbai darshan bus timing can be confirmed from the bus depot.

According to me, the best time to visit the beach will be during the Ganpati Visarjan amongst thousands of Devotees gathered together with the idols of Lord Ganesha. The people will be seen chanting loudly with their full energy. The Music and Layjim playing in the background while the people dancing in front of the idol makes the ambiance liveliness sharp like never before and it is the best thing that Mumbai has to offer to its visitors.


Apart from that, you can also visit the beach early in the morning, so as to escape the rush of the visitor. Very few people will be seen at the beach at that particular time. The Mumbai darshan price includes all the places that they cover in Mumbai in one single day.

You should avoid visiting the beach in the monsoon time as there is the risk of High Tides and The water Logging may happen which can be dangerous to your life, and it also can destroy your peaceful visit at the beach.


Near Girgaum Chowpatty you will get walkeshwar and nepean sea road mumbai. Just walk away there is an Opera House, Which and the Royal Opera House and it is from the British time. Always there are new shows and concerts happen and you love their food and amazing experiences. Thier has attached a gold market called parkeh market, Pancha Ratna building, Prashad chamber. All the diamond and jewellery dealer are there and do bulk business. You can have shopping experience of this jewellery market If your pocket allows.

Also, Thier is a nearby fashion street. Thier you can shop for your favorite clothes and enjoyed their amazon food of “Khau Gali” of Mumbai.


Mumbai darshan OLA services can be more cost effective if you are travelling in groups.

Christmas in Mumbai:


It became a pink and white morning with the happiest fizz conceivable as Mumbai’s amusement cub rang in Christmas at Girgaum Chowpatty. Over one hundred fifty contributors aggregate at the area early by am as they got set to rejoice the competition. Balloons and themed laughter The fun and antic begun with an amicable-up affair that noticed then do respiratory exercises. It was soon time for Santa to arrive and the members created a ‘tunnel’ as they bound their hand together to allow Santa to move through. The total group, together with kids then engaged in their particular ‘Ho, ho, ho’ laughter that revved up the mood. subsequent up become the ‘mobile laughter’, where they needed to enact phoning a pal to inform them about their social gathering. Says organizer Kishore H Kuvavala, “The whole experience changed into so a whole lot enjoyable. What’s extra Americans were given trumpets to blow on, balloons and Santa additionally handed them, health bands. everybody additionally received accolades and other presents. It turned into a good looking possibility for all to come back collectively and celebrate as one.” afterward a round of singing and video games the place the children also burst balloons, all and sundry indulged in X’ mas treats – normal sweets and block. It fabricated for a beautiful bonding session for all.


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