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Mumbai the city of Dreams and the financial capital of India has a lot of wonderful places to visit. Let’s just say it’s your first day of Mumbai darshan. And the very first thing you wanted to start with is the Gate Way of India. You will get numerous ways to reach there.

Maharashtra tourism and development corporation has provided special busses for Mumbai darshan. The busses will pick you from two points, Dadar Station or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Station. You can easily make a booking for on the mtdc official website and mtdc Mumbai darshan bus timings you can confirm with mtdc itself.


Gateway of India is an Architectural Monument built in the 19th century by the King-Emperor George V & The Queen-Empress Marry during the British Rule, when India was known as British India. Before the monument was built the place used to call Apollo Bunder where the colonial legasies used to land and it was a native ground for fishing. The sea wall was built alongside the gate way of india.

Gammon India one of the largest civil engineering construction company head quartered in Mumbai had taken over the construction work for the Gateway of India. The Gateway was first opened for the public on 4 December 1924.


Following the Indian independence, the last British troops to leave India passed through the gateway Of India, with them the journey of British Rule over India Was Over.

Prof. N. Kamala in the Jawaharlal Nehru University refers to the Gateway of India as the “Jewel Over the Crown”. Today Gateway Of India is the pride symbol of Mumbai and very first sight of view for the people coming to the Mumbai by sea.


The Gateway of India Also became a sight for the prayers following the terrorist attacks of 26/11 which targeted the Nariman House along with other crowded places in Mumbai. In the same attack, the owner of the Nariman house RabbiHoltzberg lost his life in the attack.

It’s been almost 95 years since its built. The Gate Way of India was mainly built as a popular meeting place in the British era in Mumbai. The final design of the monument by the Scottish architect George Wittet was approved in 1914 and the construction was completed in 1924. The monument built was made of yellow basal and it is 26 meters high.


The Gateway India monument in India was built by the Scottish Architect Sir George Wittetas Triumphal arcs on the port of Apollo Bunder. Each side of the arch has the capacity to hold around 600 people. The Gate Way of India was initially built to commemorate the visit of King George and Queen Marry to Mumbai and the British colonial personnel.

The foundation for the Gateway of India was laid by the Governor of India back then sir George Sydenham Clarke in March 1913. The height of the Gate Way of India is 26 meters and the central dome is about 15 meters in diameters. The monument was built on yellow basalt and reinforced concrete. Today the Gateway of India is considered a major tourist attraction.


While checking up on your Mumbai darshan list your journey starts with Gate Way of India on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. You can see so many ferries waiting upon the shore to carry passengers to a sea drive, Elephanta Caves. Elephanta Caves is a well-known Island known as Shiva Monuments built back in the 6th Century. You can easily book tickets for the ferries at the ticket window near the Gate Way of India. It approximately takes 45 min to reach Elephanta Caves through the ferry.

Let me share my experience with you. “I traveled to the Gate Way of India with my friends. The bunch of pigeons right in front of the GateWay, while I run over them to see them fly in a whole bunch was a wonderful view because when I look up to see them flying, my sight gets caught up on the royal Taj Hotel of Mumbai. You can get the Mumbai darshan bus from Kalyan if you are traveling through the central line route.


You just look up and can see the Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and many higher storey buildings around you at the gateway of India. There is an option with Mumbai darshan by car where you can take your own car for traveling the Mumbai. Mumbai darshan bus tickets price and Mumbai darshan bus timings can be confirmed from the bus officials only.

People from all over the world come to see this amazing architecture all over the year. Watching people enjoying the breeze of the ocean, looking at the sea spread across the sunset is an amazing view you can get while the Mumbai Darshan.


You can get amazing food from the nearby hotels to the seashore, Of course, whichever food you like “Veg, Non- Veg”.

To explore more on the food, you can find many food stalls, where you can get South Indian, North Indian, Maharashtrian, Punjabi dishes to have a treat for. There is also a food plaza located at the shore which offers a variety of food at affordable rates.


As the Gate Way of India is surrounded by many 5 Star and 7 Star Hotel, Yet it also does have small restaurants which also adds great value to the food in Mumbai at the time of your Mumbai darshan. You may find various Irani Café, Various Veg Hotel, Special Jain food, and the big renowned Cafés.

Now if you are tired of a whole lot of roaming around the Gateway, you can as well chill with some tempting Gola’s at the Gola stall. There are various gola stalls at the side of the GateWay. And here in Mumbai, you will get a variety of flavors in Gola.


Early in the morning, it is known as the best place for a morning walk. Every morning many of the people will be seen around doing yoga, jogging, cycling. And what more to ask for than a clear and fresh and natural air coming directly from the Arabian Sea while the dawn is rising from behind the Waves. I truly believe can be a perfect way to start your day. And yes, not to forget the morning tea you can have from the tea wala’s there can and a cherry on the top.

Also, there is and Market called collaba market, which you can do the shopping for your favorite items. Colobla markets is full of clothes, shoes, sandals and so many arts, painting items. You will get the cheapest and most expensive both of them in this market. there are so many antique jewllery and other shops are thier and so many Bollywood stars also come theirs for shopping. Gateway of India is in and top 10 most visited places of Mumbai. You can stay long for enjoy the Mumbai tour and stay at hotel near the Gateway of India in budget-friendly and the most expensive hotels also Hotel Taj. Their is a long waking area, thier you can enjoy walk with your loved ones


You Can also book OLA Mumbai darshan package for travelling your way throughout the city. Gateway of India can be the first place to visit on your Mumbai darshan list.



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