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underwater imaging

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The free credit register casino malaysia ,technology of underwater imaging has touched new heights as researchers from China have now developed a device that is capable to take clear images even in shady water. This technology is being considered as a breakthrough as taking pictures underwater is an extremely hefty task due to the scattering of light by tiny particles, said a report in Phys.Org. The experts achieved the feat by testing the device in their lab by using clear water first then mixing it with milk and objects like wood, plastic, and ceramic.

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1xbet review,As per the reports, the underwater camera will be sensitive to the polarization of light that will suppress scattered light in underwater images. The pictures taken in murky water tend to scatter light the most as the particles suspended inside them polarizes the light beam. Media sources revealed that the inventors used a new algorithm by combining a traditional polarized imaging setup that automatically suppressed the light beam's scattering. As a result, the image produced was extremely clear due to significantly improved image contrast and that too without any prior knowledge of imaging areas or the background.

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Following their test in the lab, the researchers are now planning to dip the camera in practical environments of the ocean. If the technology is successful, in the long run, it can be utilized for searching submerged archaeological artifacts, drowning victims and even in developing underwater farms. Meanwhile, the camera will further be upgraded to cover larger imaging distances.,free online india slots


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