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Basic Violations in Volleyball. Consecutive Contacts. A player may not hit the ball 2 times consecutively except when blocking, provided the contacts take place simultaneously. However, a player may make consecutive contacts on the teams first team contact, provided the contacts occur during one action. Four Hits.

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Volleyball Violations A penalty , violation, or fault is called on a player who breaks the rules of volleyball defined in a rulebook for the league . Each result in a side out, which is one point and possession of the ball for the opponent.

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Volleyball Penalty Types. A penalty, or violation, is called by a referee on a player who breaks a rule during the volleyball game. Violations result in a side out, which means possession of the ball and a point for the other team. Here is a list of volleyball penalties: Service Errors; Foot Faults; Ball Handling Errors; Reaching Violations; Center Line Violation; Rotation Penalties

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Penalty: Side-Out; A player’s foot steps completely over the centre line into the opponent’s court. Penalty: Side-Out; A player interferes with the match by touching the net or antennae. Penalty: Side-Out; Service Faults. A player serves out of their team’s line-up order. Penalty: Side-Out; A player steps on the end line when serving. Penalty: Side-Out

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23. No Back Row Players. On the sand, there are only two players and there aren’t distinct positions when it comes to rotation. So the rules regarding back row players playing at the net in indoor volleyball don’t exist on the beach. Either player may attack or block at the net at any time.

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Players attempting a spike, or kill, have to keep the ball inbounds. Catching or throwing the ball isn't allowed, and a referee can call carrying if the ball appears to be in a player's hands too long. During a serve, it’s a “foot fault” if players step outside the service zone.

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Again, official volleyball rules for contacting the net aren't the same across the board. In high school volleyball rules, any contacting of the net is a violation. In NCAA, contact made with the net is only a fault if contact is made during the action of playing the ball or if it interferes with play.


violation of this provision will be subject to the range of penalties. (2) A game or match canceled after the contract has been signed, unless both parties agree to the cancellation, shall be forfeited by the team canceling the game or match.