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A ball contacted with force by a player on the offensive team who intends to terminate the ball on the opponent’s floor or off the opponent’s blocker. STRONG SIDE – When a right-handed hitter is hitting from the left-front position or when a left-handed hitter is hitting from the right-front position.

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Volleyball Terms and Definitions General Volleyball Terms. We have organized these volleyball terms and descriptions for those of you who are interested... Pass. The first contact after a serve is considered a “pass”. The player who passes the ball is called the “passer”. Set. The second contact ...

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Below is the latest list of Volleyball terms so you can dabble into this enthusiastic game with confidence. Let’s start with the fundamental volleyball terms. Ace. It is the service that the receiving team fails to receive the ball, and the ball touches the ground surface. Block solo.

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144 Volleyball Terms: A Complete A – Z List (All Explained) “0 - 9”. Usually intended for the middle hitter, as they are often near the setting position. Typically, low and fast,... “A”. Ace: A serve that cannot be passed by the opponent, often hitting the floor in bounds without being touched,... ...

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Three Touches: In both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball, the team touches the ball up to three times before it must be on the other side of the volleyball net. IMPORTANT: In beach volleyball, if the ball touches the blocker (more to come on who this is later), this counts as one of your three touches.

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A ball landing inside or touching the line of the court. A ball passing over the net inside of the antennae. Inside the Block: An attack play resulting in the ball traveling between the block and net. A cross-court shot evading the block.

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Volleyball Terms You Should Know. Volleyball is a sport that can be played by anyone, of any age and skill level. It’s a great way to stay active, have fun with friends or family, and get some exercise! The more you play the better you’ll get – both at volleyball skills and in your understanding of the game.

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This is an alphabetical list, and it covers the basic terms that will come in handy at some point or the other during a volleyball match. ACE: A serve that no player of the opposition team touches before it hits the ground. It results in a point for the server. ASSIST: Setting the ball up for a teammate who attacks the ball and then scores a point. An assist is counted only if the very next shot results in a point.