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How to Execute a Volleyball Serve with Top Spin

In volleyball, a topspin serve does exactly what its name implies: spins rapidly forward from the top. A topspin serve can be difficult to handle.

Volleyball Topspin Serve (4 TIPS TO MASTER THE SPIN SERVE ...

The volleyball topspin serve technique is a technique different than the typical volleyball float serve. Watch a volleyball topspin in slow motion and you wi...

Topspin Volleyball Training for Spiking

Topspin volleyball serving and is important because it results in greater ball control. Topspin is also important for spiking accuracy. Contact Position and Hitting Topspin. There are basically two results of contacting the ball... Ball spins Ball doesn't spin; Where ENERGY is sent through the ball has everything to do with . 1) Creating a lot of spin,

Types of Volleyball Serves Topspin, Missile, Coach Kill ...

What is a Topspin Serve? During a jump serve, a server uses topspin by making contact with the upper third portion of the ball, on the top panels, after it's tossed. To create topspin on the ball the server places their hand on the ball in such a way that it . generates forward rotation once contacted; making the top of the ball spin forward faster

Serve Variations: Float Serve, TopSpin Serve and Jump Serves

TopSpin Serve Strike the ball below the midline with a loose wrist. The hand is rolled up and over the ball The toss is above or slightly behind the hitting shoulder The ball should be tossed with some top spin. Step once with the opposite leg (left leg for right handed players) Jump Serves

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The topspin serve is probably the most common overhand serve. You will begin in the same position as the floater serve, but disregard the airhole of the ball. For this serve, you will toss a little higher and a little more directly above your hitting shoulder than the floater toss.

How to Serve a Volleyball

With the topspin serve, the server steps under the toss. The server swings up, contacting underneath the ball. The topspin serve can be more predictable because it's easier to judge the flight of the ball. However, the ball can be tough to pass because it can drop rapidly if the passer isn't used to passing topspin serves.

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Learn how to generate top spin on the ball with solid contact. This video will teach you proper spiking mechanics and spiking technique. Watch more Volleyba...