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Product Information. Built for intense training sessions and improving your footwork, the Nike® Pitch Training Soccer Ball features a butyl bladder that ensures consistent shape retention and enhanced protection against tears and abrasions.

28 Soccer Training Tips and Secrets to Master the Pitch

Soccer Training Tips Summary: 1. Give 100% Every Time You Step on the Pitch 2. Make Soccer Training a Top Priority 3. Take Responsibility for Your Improvement 4. Know When It’s Time to Focus 5. Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses 6. Seek Out Criticism and Advice 7. Master Your Emotions 8. Study Soccer Tactics and Strategy 9.

The Soccer Pitch - Soccer Training Info

The rule for dimensions is very basic for a soccer pitch, just that the length of the touch line (sideline) be longer than the length of the goal line. The length can be between 90 and 120 meters, and the width can be between 45 and 60 meters. ( Soccer field dimensions)

Nike Pitch Training Soccer Ball | Academy

Weave your way down the pitch and kick the Nike™ Pitch Training Soccer Ball into the goal. Watch as the ball sails towards the goal with the 12-panel construction for true and accurate flight. High-contrast graphics make the ball easier to see on the field, while the smooth casing is designed to last throughout the season.

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Soccer Field Goal Area. The goal area is also marked off in front of each goal. The goal area is measured 6 yards (5.5 meters) from the goal line and 6 yards beyond each goal post creating an area approximately 6 yards X 20 yards.

Soccer coaching game to improve player positioning on the pitch

How to set the soccer game up. Pitch size: 30 yards long by 20 yards wide (minimum) up to 40 yards long by 25 yards wide (maximum). Two teams of four players, four mini goals and three flags to make a triangle. The rules. One team defends the triangle goal while the other defends the four mini goals.

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The Nike Pitch Training Soccer Ball features high-contrast graphics for high visibility during play and practice, while a durable, 12-panel construction offers true and accurate flight off the foot. Visual acuity graphics improve tracking on the pitch. Durable and smooth casing for lasting play. Consistent impact diffusion across all 12 panels.

Free downloads and templates for soccer coaches

Soccer horizontally pitch - PDF-Download A complete pitch, horizontally on A4.This makes the pitch smaller of course, but provides a lot of space for notes. This template is also suitable for match notes, and can be used to supplement to our match report sheets – for example, one sheet can be used for the first half, and the other for the second.