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Handball | Definition of Handball by Merriam-Webster

Definition of handball. 1 : a game played in a walled court or against a single wall or board by two or four players who use their hands to strike the ball. 2 : a small rubber ball used in handball.

Handball Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Perhaps the most common use of the word handball is to refer to the rules violation in soccer (football) in which a player (other than the goalkeeper) touches the ball with their hand or part of their arm. Unrelatedly, there are two sports called handball: one is a team game in which two teams try to score points by throwing a ball into the opposing team’s goal, and another involves players striking a rubber ball against a wall with their hands.

Handball - Wikipedia

Handball (also known as team handball, European handball or Olympic handball) is a team sport in which two teams of seven players each (six outcourt players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball using their hands with the aim of throwing it into the goal of the other team. A standard match consists of two periods of 30 minutes, and the team that scores more goals wins.

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HANDBALL | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

handball noun (GAME) A2 [ U ] in the US, a game in which players hit a small, hard rubber ball against a wall with their hands. Giantstep Inc/DigitalVision/GettyImages. [ U ] (US also team handball) a game similar to football, played by throwing a ball instead of kicking it. skynesher/E+/GettyImages.

Handball - definition of handball by The Free Dictionary

hand·ball. (hănd′bôl′) n. 1. a. A game that is played, often on a four-walled court, by two or more players who alternately hit a small rubber ball against the front wall with the hand, with play stopping if the ball bounces twice on the floor or does not reach the front wall. b. The ball used in this game. 2.

Handball definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Definition of 'handball'. (hændbɔːl ) also hand-ball. 1. uncountable noun. In Britain, handball is a team sport in which the players try to score goals by throwing or hitting a large ball with their hand. 2. uncountable noun. In the United States and some other countries, handball is a sport in which players try to score points by hitting a small ball against a wall with their hand.

What does handball mean? - definitions

handball noun. a small rubber ball used in playing the game of handball. handball noun. a game played in a walled court or against a single wall by two or four players who strike a rubber ball with their hands. Wiktionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: handball noun.

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In the modern era, handball has predominantly been viewed as intentional or unintentional; with the former being a definitive punishable offense, and the latter being a discretionary offense. The term “intentional” creates debate by its very nature, as it is impossible to state for sure what someone’s intentions truly are.