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                              1. cricket live football,how to withdraw paytm money,bet365 poker bonus code,Vakeel Saab Box Office Prediction: Power Star, Pawan Kalyan’s biggest opener; Set for a 30 crore start in APTS

                                Pawan Kalyan is back on the big screen after three long years and he is back to doing what he does the best - Breaking his own records. Here's our box-office analysis of Vakeel Saab.

                                    Vakeel Saab Box Office Prediction: Power Star, Pawan Kalyan’s biggest opener; Set for a 30 crore start in APTS Vakeel Saab Box Office Prediction: Power Star, Pawan Kalyan’s biggest opener; Set for a 30 crore start in APTS

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                                                    • After a three-year break, Power Star Pawan Kalyan is finally set to be back on the big screen with the release Vakeel Saab on April 9 and without any doubts, it’s among the hottest releases of Telugu industry this summer. The trailer has been received positively, and the film is poised to be among the biggest openers of Telugu industry in the pandemic. The action-packed drama, set against the backdrop of Indian judiciary, is looking to release on near about 1200 plus screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone, emerging the widest release of Pawan Kalyan till date. The screen count outside the Telugu speaking states is expected to be in the range of 500, taking the Pan-Indian release upward of 1700. These are estimates and we will bring out the exact screen count of Vakeel Saab tomorrow.

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                                                          The makers, Boney Kapoor and Dil Raju have gone all out to get the film maximum showcasing abroad too, with overseas screen count in the range of 1000. While the producers are already in the plus with the pre-sale of distribution, theatrical and satellite rights, the eyes are now to see if the distributors manage to recover their investment. If word in the Telugu trade is to be believed, the film is a perfect comeback vehicle for Power Star, and the distributors will not just recover their investment, but also entail massive profits from this film, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The Andhra Pradesh and Telangana rights of Vakeel Saab have been sold for a sum of Rs 75 crore, whereas Karnataka and Rest of India has gone for approximately Rs 4 crore.

                                                          It’s reasonable pricing given the raw stardom of Pawan Kalyan, and if the advance booking is something to go by, one can expect fireworks at the box-office. The distributors are expected to recover near about 45% of their investment on the opening day itself


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                                                                • Overseas rights have fetched Rs 5 crore, and the worldwide theatrical of Vakeel Saab has been pegged at Rs 84 crore. The non-theatrical rights of Vakeel Saab i.e., satellite, digital and music, has fetched Rs 50 crore, taking the total pre-release recover to Rs 135 crore. Basically, the film will breakeven for the distributors at a worldwide share of Rs 84 crore, and emerge a clean hit with share upwards of Rs 90 crore. It’s reasonable pricing given the raw stardom of Pawan Kalyan, and if the advance booking is something to go by, one can expect fireworks at the box-office this Friday. We expect Vakeel Saab to take the biggest opener for a Pawan Kalyan starrer till date in APTS, with opening day gross upwards of Rs 40 crore, and share in the vicinity of Rs 30 crore. To put a figure, we expect day one share of Telugu states in the range of Rs 28 to 32 crore, with gross total around Rs 41 to 45 crore. Of course, these are predictions made keeping in mind the fact that 100% occupancy is allowed all through the day in APTS for the film, and subject to the makers getting approval for early morning shows from the Government. 

                                                                  The distributors are expected to recover near about 45% of their investment on the opening day itself and good news is, the film has good advances for the second day well. The film is expected to shatter Pawan’s previous record holder, Agnyaathavaasi, to be crowned the biggest opener for Power Star and these figures will come despite the relatively “dull phase” at the box-office due to the pandemic. This shows the love of the audience of PK and the anticipation to see him on the big screen. These numbers are subject to the Covid-19 scenario in APTS.

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                                                                  Top Three Pawan Kalyan Opening Day Gross (Share):

                                                                • Agnyaathavaasi: Rs 37.90 crore (Rs 27 crore)

                                                                  Katamarayudu: Rs 28.10 (Rs 22 crore)

                                                                    Sardaar Gabbar Singh: Rs 26.90 crore (Rs 21 crore)

                                                                      Also Read| Telugu Film Industry Fights COVID with hat-trick of blockbusters; Pawan Kalyan's Vakeel Saab set to be 4th

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