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DISCLAIMER: Fraud Recruitment Offers:,betfair credit

john millman,It has come to our notice that fake job offers are been circulated on behalf of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited by certain individuals claiming they are representatives of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited.

free poker sites,ARG Outlier Media Private Limited does not:

bet888 cricket, 1. Send job offers, from through Whatsapp / Facebook or for that matter any Social Media Forum

betting guru,2. Will never stipulate any payment of any kind from any prospective candidates for offering employment or any sort of fees in that regard

bet888 cricket,3. Will never authorize anyone to either collect money or arrive at any monetary arrangement in return for a job at ARG Outlier Media Private Limited

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  • ARG Outlier Media Private Limited will not be responsible to anyone who acts on a purported employment offer which is not directly made by ARG Outlier Media Private Limited, including any illegal impersonation or misrepresentation all which shall be liable to Criminal proceedings.
  • Any individual or outfit making any employment offer in return for money or other type of gain will never be a representative of ARG Outlier Media Private Limited and any related offer for any approved job will be acting on own risk and consequences.
  • ARG Outlier Media Private Limited. reserves the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals/entities.